Stonecare cuidado de la piedra


At Stonecare we offer a range of solutions for treating and protecting all types of surfaces, focusing on proper conservation and beautification of materials. We work in a personalised way, adapting to clients’ requests and proactively providing our suggestions for optimal results. We work on all types of surfaces and materials: marble, terracotta or fired clay floors, hydraulic mosaic, natural stone such as slate and cement derivatives such as printed concrete floors, microcement, and similar floors, among others.

Stonecare cuidado de la piedra

We have customised protective treatments for different materials and we carefully select them based on characteristics such as their porosity and compactness. We pay special attention to the different conditions to which these materials are exposed, such as temperatures, humidity, oils or graffiti, and we respect the finish desired by the client, whether it is glossy, satin or matte. 

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